XIV Zoe Fest – The 14th Annual October 2017

The 14th Annual Zoe Fest will be held October 2017 in Far North Queensland Australia.  < Clickable text


Our retreat is not a workshop, there are no classes. It is for professional, advanced amateurs and hobbyists with good portfolios and even better references. We plan a gathering of models and photographers and we go on an artist vacation to create, make friends, and see old friends. Being a photographer or a model can be a lonely profession, we aim to bring you all together so that models can get to know other models and photographers other photographers. It is an event that you help create, we are all a part of the planning process. 


You book your own photo shoots and go out by yourself. We do not organize your trip, you do. That way you get to go where you want to go, when you want to go there. The only thing we do is organize a community of like minded individuals to share a space in time together for 10 days. 

And the only thing it costs this year is $300.00. $150 goes towards housing the models. $150 goes towards a donation for our time and energy organizing it. All you have to do is get yourself there. 

Currently as of April 14, 2017 we have 18 people signed up. 9 photographers and 9 models. We have 6 models on a waiting list and as soon as we get 6 more photographers they can start planning their trip. 

This year we’ve rented a tropical rainforest compound for our group dinners, BBQ’s, photography slide show nights, swimming parties and to house all the models attending. 

If you would like to come and have fun creating with us please fill out the application to attend Zoe Fest (text is an active link). You must have a portfolio to show us and a really awesome smile, or at least know how to. 🙂 Knowing how to work the BBQ isn’t a bad attribute either. 

A few images created at past festivals – models, Brooke Lynn, Titania Lyn, Jessamyn Rose, Carlotta Champagne, BIG GROUP IN MEXICO, Tara Tree


The 13th Zoe Fest in Kauai, Hawaii!

ARTnudes Network had it’s 13th Zoe Fest on the Island of Kauai, in Hawaii this past June. Photographers and models have been posting their work on the group blog for our artist retreat. We welcome you to drop in and have a view of some of the images we created there plus some behind the scenes snap shots. Be sure to subscribe to the blog so you can get our posts when they are published via email.

Here is a little peek of some of the thumbnails …

Zoe Fest XIII - Kauai, Hawaii
Zoe Fest XIII – Kauai, Hawaii

Sapphire Beach, Australia 12th Annual Zoe Fest Blog

The yearly get together for members of ARTnudes Network has ended. We’ve gone to Australia and back again and are now starting to edit all of our images. There has really been some great work uploaded to our group blog. Please stop by and have a look! 16 photographers and 14 models and beautiful locations.

Zoe Fest XII – Sapphire Beach, Australia 2013

Here are a few quick peeks from what’s been posted on the blog so far.

Images by, Cam Attree, Jim Furness, Michael Marlborough, Mel Brackstone and Zoe Wiseman. You’ll have to go to the blog to see them all and see these images in full splendor.

Crowd Funding Projects

Parallelograms – Jeff Enlow – a polaroid portrait project

click the above image to be taken to Kickstarter



Parallelograms is a photographic nude portrait project that aims to bridge the gap between photography and painting. Each image is shot on instant film creating a uniquely physical image that evokes both a sense of beauty and vulnerability.

The series breaks with classic portraiture, utilizing multiple exposures allowing your eye to wander in the intersecting shapes of the body.


 More about the project:

Why Multiple Exposures? 
They allow your eye to wander and get lost in the intersecting shapes of the body. The multiple exposures also adds to the unique quality to the final image. The two images combine giving the photo a gestalt that is impossible to reproduce.

Why Its Urgent? 
Up until now, all of my images were shot on the discontinued 4×5 Fuji FB45 instant film. The next step is to shoot a portfolio of images on the rarest of all films – the massive 20×24 Polaroid. With Polaroid out of business, the film hasn’t been produced in years and the stock of film is quickly disappearing, making using the camera a very expensive undertaking.


Why on Polaroid?
The size and detail of the 20×24 Polaroid is unmatched and it is the only format to truly give justice to these images.

How the money will be spent: 
All the money raised will go to production costs of camera rental, models, and the costs of film. With only two cameras in New York, and a limited film stock, it costs roughly $500 to make one final image.

The majority of the money will go to the cost of film and rental of the camera.
Each image costs about $400 – 500 to produce. That’s per picture taken, including all the outtakes that don’t make it to the final set.
So if I want to shoot 10 – 15 images, I have to plan for 15 – 20 actual images shot.
Unlike with a digital camera I cant just shoot a bunch of frames, I have to make each exposure count.

It cost $125 per an image to get them scanned as well.

How the $10,000 breaks down:
Kickstarter takes about $800.
The gifts will cost about $2500. That includes printing books, cutting matts, making the posters and prints.

That leaves me with about $6,700.00 to work with.
For 10 images it will cost $4,000 to $5,000 in film and camera costs.
And $ 1,000.00 in digitizing fees.

$500.00 for assistant fees, and I will pay all the model fees myself.

The more money I can make the more images I am able to make, and more models I can work with.

Time frame: 

Once I receive the funds, I will immediately go into preproduction, which will include casting, planning all the poses, and test shoots. This will take about two weeks.

Then I will do 2-3 shoots during a month-long period.

After I have all the images, I will have to send them off to get digitized, which will take another few weeks.

Once I have all the digital images, I will start sending out prints and putting together the books printed by Hemlock Printers. The design and printing of the books is what will take the longest and could be as long two months to complete.

As each element is done I will send out everyone’s gifts. And I’ll be blogging the entire way so it should be a fun ride.


ABOUT Jeff Enlow –

I’m a California boy living in New York.

Currently, I’m the News Photo Editor at Corbis Images.
Prior to that, I was a National Geographic Explorer documenting the California Delta for a year.

I work and live in Brooklyn, with my Fiancé and two cats.


In 1976, Edward Land developed the 20×24 camera to take portraits at the annual shareholders meeting.  Today, there are only five cameras scattered around the world.  The New York camera, run by John Reuter and Nafis Azad, is the most prominent and often used.

The camera is popular with artists like Chuck Close, Julian Schnabel, Mary Ellen Mark, David Levinthal. You can learn more about the camera at



D. Keith Furon Workshops

About D. Keith Furon

D. Keith has been a fine-art photographer for over 30 years. Much of his work has been sold through Sotheby’s. His work is also included in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, and The Kinsey Institute Grunwald Art Gallery. His work has been exhibited Nationally and Internationally, and has been included in numerous books including The New Erotic Photography 2, by TASCHEN. His first solo book, D. Keith Furon: The First Thirty Years, was released this year.


D. Keith Furon Workshops
D. Keith Furon Workshops


Upcoming Workshop Dates:

November 8-10, 2013 – Palm Springs, CA

[The difference between taking a picture and creating art.]

The “Mastering The Nude” photography workshop is taught by D. Keith Furon, and was designed for photographers of all levels who want to learn, develop and improve their nude photography skills. This three-day workshop will greatly improve your artistic and photographic eye, as well as develop your technical skills. An experienced live model will be present for the workshop to provide the opportunity to learn posing techniques and other skills needed to effectively work with live models.

Whether you’re a beginner, looking for their first experience with shooting nudes, or an experienced photographer this workshop will give you the guidance, knowledge and confidence in your skills at nude photography as well as help you develop your own artistic style and vision.

The workshop will provide the opportunity to work in both indoor/studio sessions as well as outdoor location photography.

To help participants take their photography to the next level, the workshop will concentrate on:

• Composition of an image to create intrigue and power.

• Creating the image before taking the picture.

• Posing models: building a rapport and getting the most out of a model’s strengths.

• Integration of elements into the scene.

• Creating Mood and drama in an image: Combining technical skills and aesthetics.

• Making a visual statement rather than just taking a picture.

• Working with contrast in textures and tone.

The workshop will provide a relaxed, fun and supportive environment of learning and development. And to ensure the best experience, workshops will be limited to 6 participants. Workshop participants will also receive a free, signed copy of D. Keith Furon: The First Thirty Years.

The workshop will be held at D. Keith Furon’s studio in the world-famous destination of Palm Springs, California, which also offers many amazing desert locations for shooting opportunities. A list of hotels in the immediate area will be provided upon registration.

For information on the workshop, or to register, email


Tutorial DVD

Patrick Alt’s Complete Guide to the ART of Platinum Printing

© Patrick Alt
© Patrick Alt – model: Zinn Star

Master platinum printer, Patrick Alt explores the entire platinum printing process from selecting the proper paper to mounting and presentation. This is a 2 Disc DVD set. 

the art of platinum printing by patrick alt
the art of platinum printing by patrick alt

Having been in the darkroom with Patrick myself I can honestly say he absolutely knows his medium and will teach you a lot on this DVD set sold through Bostick & Sullivan one of the premier supply houses for handcrafted photography.

View Patrick Alt’s personal photography website here.

Sadly, Patrick Alt passed away on July 5, 2013 just a few days after we posted this. We will miss him dearly.


The 12th Annual Zoe Fest

The 12th Annual Zoe Fest

Fill out this form

FestX dinner at Hotelito with Iker
FestX dinner at Hotelito


If you would like to be considered to attend the next annual ZoeFest Fill out this form (it’s private, no one can see your answers but us). The festival is back in Australia this year! If you are invited we will give you details about everything on our private discussion board.  We are limiting attendance to 40 people. Even if you have attended before, please fill out the form. This way we know who to invite to the private discussion area, we will have all of your current email details and it really helps keeping things organized. Also, you absolutely have to be a member of to attend. If you know someone who has expressed interest in attending, send them here and have them fill out the form.

Once you receive an email invitation you will also receive an invitation to join the private discussion board where dates, attendees and other details will be posted and where everyone can communicate before arriving. Dates and attendees are kept private until we arrive to avoid the unruly! ha.

Read about our previous fest’s on these blogs:

Australia 2009

Australia 2010

Mexico 2011

Palm Springs 2012



Read about Mexico’s fest here!

What a few people say about the festival who have attended in the past:

  • “Because I love everyone involved in the event and have felt so blessed for the past two years to have been able to share such a wonderful experience with so many wonderful and talented people :) ”
  • “Best its the best experience of My life. Every time has enrichened My life.”
  • “I would absolutely love to attend this years Zoefest. I had such an amazing time at the last two Zoefest’s creating art with like minded people from around the globe who share my passions of art, figure modelling and photography. I feel there are special bonds/frienships that are made between the people who attend these events which I think take the art produced to another level. It’s just amazing. I’d also like the chance to create with people who I haven’t had the chance before. ;) ”
  • “Except for the 2011 meet that I missed, this annual event is something I look forward to every year.”
  • “Because I love my friends and it’s a great opportunity to see many I don’t see otherwise and I love creating wonderful art pics.  And what other week of the year do I maybe get to play with things like a goat or a giant blue pig?”
  • “Because it’s fun!”
  • “I have been fortunate enough to attend the festival the past two years and am now thoroughly convinced no year will be complete without attending the festival. I am a strong believer that photos become better between people when photographers and models continue to work with each other and develop a connection on a personal level in addition to an artistic level. Through this festival, all of the attendants are able to live with each other, discuss their art, collaborate, goof off and of course, get down to working with each other. The photos from the festival never cease to amaze me. A week of intense art making with socialization between shoots is absolutely incredible. I relish the experience of being in a community where everyone is into their modeling and photography for the right reasons – to create art.  I feel at home, happy and inspired while at the festival. Here I my passion for bending in uncomfortable shapes on rocks, in cold water, or while hanging off cliffs is thoroughly understood and even appreciated.”
  • “It is a pretty damn awesome group to be involved with, I had a wonderful experience last year!”
  • “Because ZoeFest was by far the best experience ive ever had in this field. It’s filled with awesome talent and like minded souls. Plus it’s the single best gathering to create art in, period!”
  • “FestX was my first and I REALLY don’t want it to be my last. I had such an amazing time. You really create a great atmosphere!!  You’re also great at picking out compatible groups. It’s nice to have a relaxing/safe work environment. I can’t wait to see where it ends up being held this year!”
  • “Because its one of the rare events where I actually feel like I’m making worthwhile art with people who care as much about the images as myself.”


What is zoe fest? I get that question all the time.

Is it a workshop? NO.

Is it a shoot out? NO.

Is it a festival? Kind of.

Is it commercial? NO.

How do you make money? I don’t!

Basically I send out a mass mailing through Community Zoe and to let them know it’s happening. Then we all gather in an undisclosed location to hang out, have BBQ’s, go to dinners, watch a slide show from our last years work, drink and be merry, photograph each other, photograph the models, and walk through deserts, rain forests and swim in the oceans and swimming pools together. It’s basically just … MEET HERE! LET’S HANG OUT. No egos, no direction, you do what you want to do. We gather at night and talk shop, mentor each other, occasionally throw food at each other and make new friends and say hello to old one’s. And then we cry when we have to leave and keep in touch with everyone for an entire year afterwards and do it all over again the next year. It doesn’t suck.

Books Crowd Funding Projects Prints

Naked In Baja Mexico by Cam Attree

Naked in Baja by Cam Attree
Naked in Baja by Cam Attree


Naked In…Baja, Mexico is the first in a proposed series of Postcard Sets, Limited Edition prints, eBooks and Limited Edition Fine-Art Coffee Table Books by award winning artistic nude photographer, Cam Attree.

8 days, 10 amazing art nude models, beautiful beaches, cactus filled deserts, run down buildings and beautiful old haciendas – this project revolves around images captured in and around Todos Santos, Baja Mexico in October 2011 at Fest X.

The Postcards and Fine-Art Prints are available for order now via Cam’s Pozible Shop.

The eBook will be available as a PDF download, the eBook is a digital alternative to the limited edition coffee table book and is optimised for viewing on the iPad. The eBook will be available in January / February 2013 and can be pre-ordered via the Pozible Shop  for $35

Printing of the Limited Edition Coffee Table Book will take place at  Albumworks in Melbourne, Australia using the very latest in printing technology on the Canon DreamLabo 5000.

These High Definition books utilise a 7 dye-based ink system never before seen in a photo book, offering colours with a wider spectrum and greater detail.
Bound in a laser engraved black linen cover, the 230gsm paper gives the pages a real photographic feel and the ink and paper combination has been tested to last over 300 years so you know these books will stand the test of time.
The edition will be limited to 100 copies and each book will be individually numbered, signed by Cam, include one of the signed, open edition art prints and will be presented in a stylish English Black Arlin Bookcloth Presentation Box.
The limited edition coffee table books will be available in late January / early February 2013. Pre-orders can be made through the Pozible Shop for $395 which also includes a signed 7×10″ fine-art print.

For more information make sure you check out the Naked In Website and keep an eye out for future projects.




Allen Birnbach – Nude Photo Workshops

Longtime ARTnude member,  Allen Birnbach, has been running fine art nude workshops since 2003 with outstanding feedback from participants.  That’s because Allen focuses on nurturing the artistic growth of both novices and professionals in a highly individualized manner, and he never shoots for himself during a workshop. His sole intention is to be of service to the attendees.

This year’s workshops include Joshua Tree CA., Reykjavik Iceland, Santa Fe N.M., Asheville N.C., and Park City UT.  For information about the courses and see testimonials from past participants, , go to

The Body Beautiful by A.J. Kahn

A book by A.J. Kahn (click to order)


This is a high quality hard cover publication featuring 100 pages of his Fine Art Nude photography. The book is printed on 80lb. cover stock semi-gloss paper, and includes a printed dust jacket. Dimensions are 8.5″w x 11″h. 

Here’s a sneak peak inside.