ARTnudes supports projects photographers and artists of the fine art nude are creating, including; Books, exhibition announcements, print sales, Publications, workshops, kickstarter/indiegogo campaigns and the option to have a small showcase gallery on ARTnudes.

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ARTnudes was first conceptualized in New Orleans in 1997 and launched in 1998. One of the first fine art nude photography websites on the internet, ARTnudes first garnered acclaim from ABC News for a prime time news segment on photography websites on the internet. ARTnudes was also featured in many international magazines and media outlets.

In 2002 ARTnudes suffered a severe attack on the website and it caused many problems so we decided to shut the site down. We turned instead to our online forum, Community Zoe, a critique and discussion board for ARTnudes.com. Many people expressed regret that they were unable to find and hire models through Community Zoe, even though that website is not geared towards this (it is solely for critique of images). So, Figuremodels.org was launched and is now a place where photographers and models can find each other and create and maintain blogs if they choose. Now ARTnudes is back again too. Thus, forming three websites under the blanket of ARTnudes Network.