Stay Tuned… is currently in a new stage of production. It will be set up as a one stop shop for photographers who have projects they need to create a buzz about. Self published books, workshops, print sales, indiegogo projects, gallery exhibits and a litany of other things. Give us a couple weeks!

Feel free to send any of your projects to us for approval to zoe at (email not linked to prevent s p a m) has been online since 1998 and even in it’s most dormant state (right now) it receives over 3 million hits per month. So, if you want to get the word out about your fine art nude photography projects … get on it.

We have been waiting for something to come to mind for the site and this seems to be something that hasn’t been introduced in our community yet. We would like to have a few projects to promote from the get go, so please send them over. We will pick the best 5 to promote on the launch. And yes, it’s free – for the time being.


© 2005 Zoe Wiseman - model: Katharine
© 2005 Zoe Wiseman – model: Katharine