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Since 1998 Los Angeles based photographer, Zoe Wiseman, has run websites promoting the art of photographers from all over the world. She has held yearly artist retreats since 2002 inviting models and photographers to gather for a week to immerse themselves in a nurturing atmosphere. They have traveled far and wide to attend, from Australia, Ireland, Germany, England and the US. More can be read about these events on the ZoeFest.Photo website.

Zoe has been published in several magazines, movie and television soundtracks, newspapers and books as both model and photographer. Her photography and modeling work is collected worldwide.

Some flattery:

“Wiseman has chosen a landscape of dramatic form and line and projected the nude onto it. She has sought a fusion of the figure within the landscape in the simplest apportionment of surfaces, natural formations, nudity and light. It is characteristic vastness. It gives us a sense of desolation and liberation. It is a magical space.” ~ Photo Art Magazine

“Thanks to Zoe Wiseman for her constant uplifting efforts in the world of figure photography and for leading me to Big Burlesque and the ‘Fat Bottom Revue’.” ~ Leonard Nimoy in The Full Body Project

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Zoe Wiseman Photography


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